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Our History

Hitch Tailgate Table is the easiest and coolest table that attaches to your truck, SUV or any vehicle that has a standard 2” trailer hitch. If you can drive there- you can take your EZ Hitch table! Not only will you be the center of attention where ever you park - when you put up your table and umbrella you will literally be the COOLEST!

Our Vision

Life is short, don't waste time getting ready for a party or event - make it EZ and start your party now, or in less than a minute! It's perfect for anywhere outside, from the beach, camping, parades, drive-in movies, tail gate parties/sporting, trade shows, company/family functions and more. Not only is it easy to assemble it's just as easy to remove from your hitch and store, you can even store it in your closet because the table top separates from the support bar, it does not require a lot of room to store it…it’s EZ in so many ways!

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